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Genre Racing
Platforms Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release 21 November 2003 - present
First Game TrackMania
Latest Game TrackMania Turbo
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TrackMania is a series of video games developed by Nadeo for the PC and, later, for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Some of the games were developed by Firebrand Games for the Nintendo DS and Wii. The series started with TrackMania in 2003 and it still continues today. It is currently the most popular, and longest running, Nadeo series.


The TrackMania series has a very unique gameplay compared to most other racing games. It includes a track editor which allows you to create your own tracks in a grid-like fashion. When you race on a track, there are four time limits that you must beat in order to win four different medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Author (sometimes called the Nadeo medal). If you fall off the track or land upside down, you can respawn at the last checkpoint that you past through. Plus, cars cannot collide with each other.




  • This is the only Nadeo series to have games released on console.