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Survival is a mode in the TrackMania series.


In Survival, there are 18 tracks which are numbered Survival01 to Survival18. The first six are on the Snow environment, the next six are on Desert, and the final six are Rally tracks. You must finish each of them, in a random order, without coming in last. If you come in last, you are done. However, for each race you come in first, you can eliminate two tracks, and for each race you come in second, you can eliminate one track. However, you are limited to which tracks you can eliminate each time.

As you keep on playing, it will get harder. There will be less ghosts, but you still have to avoid coming in last.


The only game to feature Survival Mode is TrackMania. It is also included in the TrackMania: Power Up!, TrackMania: Speed Up!, and TrackMania Original extension packs.


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