Stadium Car
Acceleration:Rather good
Reversal:Rather fast arrived
Basis:Formula 1

The Stadium Car is the car for the Stadium environment in the TrackMania series.


The Stadium Car is very fast and has good traction, which makes it resistant to sliding. Its braking is also good.

While drifting in other TrackMania United cars will usually slow you down, the Stadium Car has the completely opposite effect. This has led to a technique used in competitions, known as "neosliding", to make tighter turns and maintaining speed. To perform this, turn at full lock and then, once leaning, hold the brakes. The car will start to slide quickly towards the direction you're turning to, and upon releasing the brakes, the car's grip returns and you will gain a sudden burst of speed. Activating the brakes before or just as you turn will only slow you down.


The model of the Stadium Car has never gone through any changes throughout its history until TrackMania Turbo. However, in TrackMania 2: Stadium, it was given a different engine sound.


The Stadium Car is based off of a Formula 1 car. Its design allows the driver of the car be visible, something which none of the other cars allow.

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