Mini TrackMania
Developer(s):Inbox Digital
Release Date(s):8 April 2005 or earlier
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Mini TrackMania is an online Macromedia Flash game developed by Inbox Digital to promote TrackMania Sunrise.


The game is played on a 2D perspective and has only one track, on the Island environment, which features jumps and nitro boost on both sides of the road. Only the left and right arrow keys are used, which are assigned to "brake" and "accelerate" respectively.

The object of the game is to score as many points as possible by jumping off a series of ramps. The key to clearing the ramps is to keep the car's speed within two indicated points, one green and the other yellow, on the car's speedometer, which get closer to each other and change position after every jump. If the car is going too slow, it will fall into the gap. If it is going too fast, it will crash upon landing.

Instrumental portions of Ten Thousand Eyes are used as the background music.

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