• Lukwisnie

    Pages to be Created

    February 17, 2016 by Lukwisnie

    This is a list of titles of pages that either are already created as of 24 April 2017 or need to be created. Titles in bold are the actual titles while those not in bold are for redirect pages. Those that have a question mark next to them might not need to be created.

    • ShootMania Cryo, Cryo (game)
    • Virtual Skipper 6: Volvo Ocean Race

    • Canyon
    • Valley
    • (?)Canyon Grand Drift
    • (?)Valley Down & Dirty

    • Canyon Car
    • Valley Car
    • (?)Lagoon Rollercoaster Car, Lagoon Rollercoaster (car)
    • (?)Canyon Grand Drift Car, Canyon Grand Drift (car), Canyon Drift Car, Canyon Drift (car)
    • (?)Valley Down & Dirty Car, Valley Down & Dirty (car), Dirt Valley Car, Dirty Valley (car)
    • (?)International Stadium Car, International Stadium (car)

    • TrackMania Carpark, Carpark, TM Carpark
    • Mania Exchange
    • Man…

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  • Lukwisnie

    Release Dates

    December 24, 2014 by Lukwisnie

    I am trying to figure out the official release dates for each of Nadeo's games, but different websites are giving different dates and I don't know which ones to trust, so below, I have created a chart for the different release dates for each game. I know that a lot of games have different release dates for different parts of the world. Also, I am using Google Translate to translate a website that is in a foreign language.

    Website Virtual Skipper Virtual Skipper 2 TrackMania Virtual Skipper 3 TrackMania: Power Up!
    English Wikipedia 1999 2002 - November 2003 (France and UK)
    - May 2004 (rest of world) 2003 2004
    French Wikipedia February 2000 September 2002 21 November 2003
    - March 2004
    - 15 May 2004
    Russian Wikipedia 2000 2002 28 November 2003

    21 Nove…

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